Monday, August 7, 2017

Of 24 Years Life

24. Twenty four.

Shocking amount. I am not exaggerating when I say I am shocked with my own performance to last this long. Nobody know the struggle I was in, the pain I have to endure, the sadness that I have to hide. But tonight, tonight is the night where I bear it all. Luckily nobody read blog anymore nowadays. At least, not mine.

I started my life pretty normal I would say. Happy family with a little and here scandals and problems, normal life. Growing up, I am a kid with a lot of secrets, secrets that may or may not make people disliked me. But, I grew up from there. Because of the burden of carrying these secrets, I became who I am today.

I am resilience, I am strong, I am independent, and I believe in myself.

Some people called me egoistic. But oh boy, if only they know what made me so mature at early age. Like now I'm 24. But I bet most people who only know me from the surface think I'm 26-28. Frankly, I do not mind at all. Age after all, is merely digits that keeps on increasing until the day we are going to be declared dead.

It all change when my silly brain hook me up with this one guy.

Everything went downhill from there.

I generally enjoyed my time with him, but I always wonder, is this pain I'm in, worth the happiness later?

Anyway, Alhamdullilah for 24 years old.