Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sher Day May Day

Subhanallah. What a day today.

My iPhone finally gave up on me, blacked out all the way. No call in, no call out, no whatsapp, no instagram, nothing. And this happen just when I decided that this is my favourite phone of all. Like, the best and I'm not changing it anytime soon, despite the hurdle we've been through together. It happened when I decided that yes, you are the one for me.

This, came to me hard.

4 years down the road with Firdaus, I have been confuse and scare to admit that I am slowly becoming extremely attached and dependent on him. To a point where I just cant normally function without him. These past few days, these feeling is becoming more intense where I look at his face and I felt jolt of happiness and my being is at utmost comfortable. I was just about to enjoy it.

Until, today. When my phone broke down on me. Astaghfirullah.

What a reminder from Allah SWT that nobody is ever mine and I should never feel satisfy with worldly creature. Subhanallah. Allah SWT never once leave my being and He is the one who gave me all of these feelings. I should be happy for Him. My utmost comfort should come when my head touch the floor 5 times a day. I feel melancholic now for this and Alhamdullilah for this incident I get to remember Allah. I also get to do some phone detoxifying. Lol

May Allah save us all, and protect our feelings and being for committing maksiat and zina. Inshaallah.