Wednesday, March 14, 2018


In relationship, there 's up and down. Be it relationship with your God, with your family, or you loved ones. Sometimes you'll be lucky enough to have this intense feeling of loving another person/figure that your heart swell with happiness and that my friend, is a 90% condition.

And then, there are times, where you feel so distracted, lonely, and bored with them. You feel like they're not listening enough, they're not there enough, they're not doing enough. They're just not enough. And then you thought maybe if you're not with them, you'll feel so much better (not with God, just human being). and this is the 10%.

sometimes we have 90% feeling and effort, sometimes just 10%. But whats important is how far are we willing to go above and beyond to fight for another person, and making the relationship a 100%.....