Sunday, September 5, 2010


Beach.The smell, is very enticing my problem suddenly gushed away, silently dancing, following the wind. I feel safe here, at my beach. Alone, accompanied by the sand who wouldn't stop tickling my toes and wind who lovingly caressed my cheeks. I feel homey. I feel safe. I swear I can feel the love flowing in the wind writing my name and my happiness all over me.

I was happy by my own with my peace. Then suddenly, the love stop flowing when my phone sang Trouble by NeverShoutNever. God. What a way to spoil my mood I thought. But when I get hold my phone, I could not stop smiling when I saw the name appeared on the screen. "Busuk calling". The love is then flowing again singing me the love song. I'm happy here. With your voice as my company now. I'm satisfied.

Yours truly,