Monday, December 13, 2010

girls just wanna have fun

its only been what, 4? 5 days? after SPM.
boring? well, that how life supposed to be after spm kan? i dah expect this. thats why i have plans.

going out, drive, lepak kat pantai, tgk sunrise, tgk sunset, jogging. plans that need require my entity to be outside of this jammed,loud house. i was very confident that i'll have it on my way. that all plans will work accordingly.

but, suddenly my parents have this suggestive idea that it'll be great to keep me in this jammed,loud house and that its rather unnecessary for me to keep up with my social circle. so here i am in this jammed,loud house. stuck.

i go to bed at 8am, woke up at noon or evening or maybe night, who will ever know.
takyah buat muke terkejut ah. saya still bangun solat, tapi tido balik. basically, its like i'm living in a whole different part of world.

i wish its in venice, italy or greece,rom.