Saturday, December 18, 2010

thats chimpanzee talking.

it was an honest quin ci dent. i was browsing "top 40 movies of all time". then i clicked a link without thinking much. and i later found out it was a gay list movie. haha. silly me. but i continue reading the list nonetheless.

i read the list and saw movie posters, "wow. gays are rather hunky guy arent they." i thought to myself. and i am now starting to sound as if i'm writing a crappish novel. but wadehel. so anyway, the first on the list was brokeback mountain. i was happy about it. okay. only half of the movie. it was good anyway.

then i continue reading the list. from top 10, i moved to top 20. it was really a pleasure seeing the movie cover. some make me laugh and some make me feel so depressed. and then suddenly, jeng jenng jengggg, i saw 'watch this movie online at'. i scrolled up (the movie poster was big) and the movie was entitled Were This World Mine.

i was rather skeptic to watch it at first. i mean, duh. its a gay movie. and then i thought, "wadehek. spm is over. just do it bitch!" and i click the 'watch this movie....' link. to my surprise, the buffering took less than 3 minutes. YES! for the whole 1hour and something2 minutes movie, it took only 3 minutes. 3 minutes man!

my review about that movie, its feh ri king oh sem. no kidding! it was funny. the only reason its a gay movie is because the main character like a jock in his school. i was lol-ed and lmao-ed hard! i dont know why it was so funny, but it just is! and dont get me start on the songs. WTWM is like HSM but way better. dont get fooled by the cover. this story isnt that gay. seriously.
*straight face*

seriously, this movie is funny. trust me.
unless youre a racist or you live in 1991.