Thursday, February 3, 2011

The List (II)

Berikut adalah senarai yang telah saya siapkan dalam masa kurang 30 minit. Banyak dooo nak beli, bawak balik. Peh. Aku risau je aku beli over sangat.

But whatever, this is THE list I have to cross-out for now. Not driving, not sewing, not reading, not bla bla bla bla.

So what about you guys? Ade tak list nak shopping or you just shop nonchalantly? Ahh. This particularly interesting subject is a debate during ceramah AKPK entitled "Wanita atau Lelaki lebih Boros?". It caught my attention for quite a while (how can it not? girls and boys are booing and hoo haa-ing to opposite sexes for whatever points whichever sides said, so bising, yet funny!)

In my ridiculous and humble opinion, (this is going to be very short since I'm running out of time, since I'm stealing my adik punya turn to use pc) boys,girls,shemale,androgynous or dyke are just the same when it comes to shop.

Okay they dont exactly fit in same categories but, this depends on a person right? Sexuality is not a major matter I think. If you're a shopaholics, you are a shopaholics. Its like you are born to do it. Your destiny. You will never say never because this is Your path. Because you are The Chosen One to shop like crazy. Okay I know this is lame haha please die sher -.-"

My ideas to type dah terbantut, thanks to adik's quirky dance and stoopid cow voice he moo-ed specifically to annoy me.

So anyway, I nak gi shopping esok. Tapi semua pun busy.
Haih. Aku rasa macam sangat melukut di tepi gantang okay.

See ya, ECM, tomorrow! :)