Saturday, March 19, 2011

PLKN : Lesson One.

god. my heart wrenched and twisted in fury agony of jealousy, pure envy that caused me to writhing in contortion, mentally speaking of course, when i saw Meh's blog. Dia ambik gambar for almost all of her activities in camp. KILL ME NOW. Kat Kem Tasik Chini, takdenye..Nevertheless, my camp still rock.

So, cut the drama crap, I just got back from National Service, and yeah it sucks at first with the homesick, culture shock and stuff, but duh after a while, I love it. Come to think about it, I'm the, I mean THE SELECTED ONE (read with higher tone), to go to National Service.

Seriously, I hated it at first because most of my friends said this and that about it. Like,

"Weh..nanti ko kene dende. Lari padang kawad..Mati arrr ko.."

"Sher, nanti ko hitam gile! Mampus aaaarr takde orang nak ko nanti."

"Aku dengar..kat kem TC tu, keras..eee..nanti histeria! Ko tak takut ke weh!"

"Serious dohhh..membe aku kene ragging teruk gile! Die!"

Yes, I'm easily distracted, so I HATED IT SO FREAKING MUCH. God bless me that time.

But there, in Kem Tasik Chini Resort, I've learnt a lot. I've learnt about first impression, then how not judge a book by its cover, and how this two lesson intercept with each other. It can cause confusion. It did cause confusion. But if i have to choose between those two, I'll definitely go for not judge a book by its cover. Why?

Here's the deal. Making good first impression is shitznitly important. You have to create one good persona in front of other people so that they like you. Take it you acted very cute, or educated, or poise, or simply being you, you have to create an image that make people keen to know you better. But sometimes, even being cute is hate-able because for god sake, we're 18! EIGHTH freaking TEEN. And being too educated or too poise makes it harder for people to get to know you better because you'll create a circle around you, that only someone who have enough bravado to get to know you will be your friends. This is my case.

I didn't know my own dorm mates, okay I knew them..some of them but I wasnt exactly their friends until the 2nd month. Why? Coz they said I have this aura of being 'bajet best' since I'm from SMART and yadda yadda. (Tho, I seriously thought I was being polite with them). The first month I was there, I mostly hangout with my kuantan-nian fella (which mostly are in Alpha company) and with them, I dont have this stupid "first impression image". I was me.

After CNY break, I have this iltizam to berubah (with my dorm mates) because life is short and life in PLKN is even shorter (i'm serious there). So, I changed. I be me. My own crazy loud self. And guess what? Shockingly, they love me better when I'm crazy. haha. From "god i hate them", they are my very best friends now. Ecah, Fara, Qila, Tira and Syak.

So always go with dont judge a book by its cover. Because the good hard cover is only their "good first impression". Get me? So, live your live as you. Be crazy, be raw, be you. :)

depan bilik cikgu sally. -.-

i look tall btw.heheh

fav pic. sebab dalam bilik keruing 1!

See.. Lesson One taught me how to be myself and people like you better if you're real. Thank you PLKN. :D