Friday, April 15, 2011

So, do I need you?

" Is it YES? Sher? " *excited voice
" The answer will be, YES! " *even more excited voice. (mine)
" 1 million point for you." (mine too, I know I gila kuasa)

I need each and everyone I have in my life right now. All of you people are like my bangles. Without u guys its like Phineas without Ferb, like computer without its memory card slot, like Astro without Beyond, like Beyonce without her voice, like Oprah without her show. I can live, I wont lie, but it would be incomplete. And what is life when its incomplete? :(

Especially with this particular certain someone.

Do I have to tell you I love you so you know I love you? Do I have hug you all the time to let you feel my love? Do I have to be with you all the freaking time so you know I'll be there for you every single time you need me?

No I don't. You know I don't have to. Love, it doesn't have to be spell, doesn't have to be spoken of, doesn't have to be shown. Love is a subjective feeling. Feeling. You have to feel. Not hear. Not talk. Not show. Feel. When you feel the love, you're loved.

Can't you feel my love?
Or it wasn't enough?

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. So freaking much I love love love love love you! You! Why cant you understand me? I love you. Sigh. I wanna hug hug hug hug you until you choked to death. Just so I can transfer my love to you. Just so you get it how much u meant to me. I want to hug you BAD!

I want to wake up next to you, I want to have breakfast with you, then lunch with you, then dinner with you, then supper with you. Yes! I do want to be with you all the freaking time. I want to talk to you all day long, until it'll hurt my jaw. Because you are the best one can ever have in life. So, I want you. In MY life. Not just for now, but for tomorrow and the next Sunday, and the next of next Sunday, and the next sixty-one billion four million eight hundred ninety-three thousand upcoming Sunday (it means forever in case you didn't understand it)

But you.. You don't get it don't you?
Your hair is too thick to get it into your skull anyway.
Told you, you got to read what I said between the lines.

And that's bad.
Just too bad. For me. and maybe you too. :)