Thursday, August 25, 2011

here you go!

baru nak start crapping pasal writers block la whatever shit la. then tiba2 teringat pasal 100thingsaboutme yang dekat twitter tu. Dah berkurun simpan mende ni dekat draft.
I post 1 2 3 with random numbers but I think it would be nice to list it down eh?
  1. I can be too random sometimes.
  2. I hate my birthday since i was 16.
  3. I like it when people call me Syahirah or Amirah or both :)
  4. People who doesn't recognize M.J can turn me into hulk.
  5. There's only 2 people in this world use Mira on me. Aunt Kim and my primary school handball coach.
  6. When I caught someone lying to me, my respect for her is all gone.
  7. Number 4 is my favourite number.
  8. I was born in Terengganu.
  9. I think Terengganu slang is very harsh so I use Terengganu slang to curse. It empowers me.
  10. Toilet is calling me be right back!
  11. I read mangas A LOT. If I puke now, I'll puke characters from mangas I read.
  12. I can be very boring, fun and crazy or mature depends on the person I'm hanging out with.
  13. I grew up in Terengganu until I was 9.
  14. I secretly love love lovee watching cartoons. FAIRY GODPARENTS!
  15. I love receiving calls and text messages.
  16. I only spills the not-so-private secrets to my friends.
  17. I always wonder what will happen if I'm not me. Will I see things differently?
  18. I'll look for similarities in people when I want to stay close with them.
  19. When I hate someone, its hard to get old rhythm back.
  20. I dont have favourite colour.
  21. I hate not knowing something. It makes me feel insignificant. but I dont really mind it.
  22. I hate when people talk bad about my family or close friend. ONLY I CAN DO THAT.
  23. Its weird when someone sticks with me for a very long time. E.g : Nazzy, Asraf, Kia. (HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS SOMEDAY)
  24. I like being friend with isolated people.
  25. I hate long time attachments. I will slowly fade away from their life somehow.
  26. Being in certain group makes me feel good but I hate the drama.
  27. Sometimes I ignore people not because I was bored but I dont want them to get bored of me. I'll talk to them eventually because I'll miss them. :">
  28. I prefer assisting than leading.
  29. I have long-history-up-and-down problem with commitments.
  30. I love listening to others.
  31. Its annoying how easy I can laugh and how hard it is to stop the laughters. Its a freaking disease dont take it lightly man.
  32. I like good morning and good night messages. ;)
  33. I was once a tomboy.
  34. If you listen closely, you can hear my tone change with different people.
  35. I act according to people I'm with. I'll act like total retards with my best friends and all matured up with my classmates and some friends.
  36. I like hanging out with guys.
  37. I love accompanying my male acquaintances to shop
  38. I purely hate jiwang-karat-sengau-malays-and-indons songs
  39. I like simple,calming songs like Tidurlah by Bondan Prakoso ft Fade2Black.
  40. I swear and curse a lot. I'm trying to cut it down and replace it with zikir. Oh fyi, ustazah kata, lebih baik berpura pura melakukan kebaikan daripada ikhlas melakukan kejahatan.
  41. I think overthinking is my problem of thinking something I should have never think of.
  42. I'm ranidaphobia, bufonophobia and all phobia related to frogs or toads.
  43. I love jokes and sarcasm. HIMYM is my thesaurus of sarcasm jokes.
  44. Its very easy to make me love you. Just be funny and you'll be in my list.
  45. I wish I can tell people I love everyday how much I'm thankful for them sticking in my life for this long. I know I can be unbearable sometimes.
  46. I hate myself for being judgemental sometimes.
  47. I love reading as much as I love books.
  48. I say "Tak baikkk~!" but most of the time I silently agree/laugh in my head.
  49. When I'm too happy or too sad, I'll blurt something I didn't even meant to say
  50. I can't draw for the love of god.
  51. I have goldfish memory.
  52. When I love people, I'll tease them.
  53. I love touching people.
  54. I'm scared if I get too attach to people, they'll find me annoying.
  55. I think I'm very simple on the outside, all twisted in the inside.
  56. I love babies, toddlers and kids.
  57. Caffein cant help me anymore.
  58. I wish I can marry Mat Luthfi or someone like him.
  59. Utara slang, Kedah to be exact sounds cute.
  60. I get jealous easily (HATE THIS)
  61. I appreciate beauty. That's what attract me to girls. Not that I'm a lesbian or bisexual etc etc. I used to like beauty on boys too but kpop fans ruin everything for me.
  62. I used to cook for my friends.
  63. I secretly like surprises but nothing too much.
  64. I'm Malay but highly critical especially movies and dramas. most of Malay's dramas and movies are just too lame its unbearable. I miss Yasmin Ahmad.
  65. I prefer knowing than asking means I prefer you tell me and crap about whatever rather than waiting for me asking something.
  66. What I feel and think usually contradict with what I say.
  67. I like discussing about random facts.
  68. I like to argue but not to win.
  69. I silently cursed my selfish friends.
  70. I hate lying and being lied to. Its better to slap me with truths than caress me with lies. White, blue or red lies I don't care. I will go maniacal if I learn the real truth from someone else. Lying is a BIG NO-NO for me.
  71. I only sleep when everybody is sleeping.
  72. I hate when people interrupts my weekend hibernation.
  73. I hate how my nails looked nowadays. Courtesy of me and my nail-biting habits. I used to have it under control. Pressure = biting nails. T_T
  74. I used to like photography. Not anymore. Maybe a little bit. Small as small as one particle of dust? Its there but barely. Commitment issue I supposed? :P
  75. I dont mind being single for now (so stop rubbing it on my face)
  76. If it wasn't because of KMPh, I'm an otaku now.
  77. "Eleh. Selok orang copycat mu. Ko copycat orang? Tak sentap pulak?" I wish I can say this out loud.
  78. I can't swallow cucumber the smell just yuck.
  79. I hate make ups. But I like it on others. I think its a very good deceiving(or enhancing) method.
  80. I hate Physics and Chemistry to my deep black bone.
  81. I don't like crowds. I would rather eat biscuits than fighting for food at the cafetaria. God bless those poor starving souls in my matriculation college. And please dear God, bless their mind too so they'll be more sensible to not push people around so harshly as if they're in Afghanistan. Poor them..
  82. My imaginations......are rather wild it scares me sometimes. For example when I'm feel like peeing at 3am and I bravely walk to the toilet alone. Hah..this is the time when my brain really start to work. Stupid.
  83. Honestly I sympathize my future husband. Honestly I'm like the worst anak dara evar. Sorry la future honey.
  84. I want to go to Rome or GREECE and listen to the wind between the columns.
  85. I wear anything easy on me because I don't care how I look.
  86. Softies intrigued me.
  87. I prefer listening than talking.
  88. I'm very indecisive. VERY.
  89. I hate talking about subjects I hate talking about.
  90. You got TS, Guess, Zara, CK, cars, yadda yadda. so what? My other friend got more bitch/dick. Is what I say mentally to braggy people.
  91. Funny person caught my attention very fast.
  92. "I often mix up two words and sound completely like retards." Twitter.
  93. I dont like pills.I hate chewing them.
  94. Beach used to be ideal place for everything. Not anymore.
  95. I love communications.
  96. I love observing people.
  97. I'm average.I'm okay.
  98. I like people driving me around.
  99. When I like someone, I usually wish magic do their works and let my love story turns into a fairytale without having me talking to the person first. It already did last time, didn't work well, but its okay, there's always some other time, right magic?
  100. I love to exaggerates my points when I'm talking but not my story. I just like talking about the details.
I want to drop dead and sleep kbye.