Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sorry if I'm being obnoxious.

Food. Blood. Pain.

Imagine Sup Tulang. Imagine Rendang. Imagine Satay. Imagine all the delicious, juicy and tender meat. Imagine Hari Raya delicacies. Imagine Nasi Minyak. Imagine Nasi Kunyit. Imagine Nasi Banjir. Imagine all the sweet,soft,fragrance of colorful rice and the spices. Imagine.

Imagine the different smell in the air.
The festive-merry-happy kind of smell.

Imagine beautiful girls wearing baju kurong. Imagine hot,sexy guys in baju melayu with jeans or khakis.
Imagine everybody happily and excited to see fresh meat and blood.


Imagine kids running.
Imagine people hovering in retarded circle, watching the knife,the cow and the blood.
Imagine the noise.

Imagine the chit chats.
Imagine friendship and love rekindled after long time not meeting up.
Imagine the smiles and the laughter.
Imagine the promises to meet again. Imagine.

Now, you have the picture perfectly in your mind right?
A picture of how Aidil Adha should be celebrated.

I was hospitalized.
All that left for me back then was imagination.

Happened inside me. In my body. Through my right hand vein.

Torture. Thrice a day. 4 days.
3 blood tests.

Thank you Janda Baik. Alhamdullilah.
At least I cherish my health more than anything now.

Because fart people (fuh.that smells!),
Antibiotic dripping was one hell of experience to experienced.
And no.
I'm not keen to repeat the painful process again.

I'm going to turn into one of the OCD freaks.
Be prepared.

p/s : My right hand is still sore. My left hand is making me look like I'm a newbie junkie. Good dry humor.
piss : Can you help me pray for my health any all the bad bacteria living in my body to leave my liver alone? Affecting my intestine is still okay but liver? Come on.. These bacs made it hard for me to eat yummy KFC chickens :-/