Sunday, March 23, 2014


have you ever been in a place, a very crowded and noisy place, yet you feel so lonely that the loneliness is very deadly and slowly eating your soul like a Dementor, sucking your happy memories, leaving you feeling madly alone, and you start to have lump inside your chest and throat, and this lump, its giving you a mild pain on your chest up as if there's something crawling out from your throat?

its crazy.

and then, in that loneliness, suddenly your phone rings.


you take your phone out of your pocket, and you see 'The Name' on that screen, and you cant help but feel better, so much better, that suddenly, in that crowded, noisy  place, you start to feel like at ease.

you pick up that phone. and there's The Name's voice. and there. right there, amazingly, you feel like you belong somewhere. that crowd is your family, that noise is your lullaby.

and ever so slowly, happiness creeps on you. from your toes, warming you tummy and boasting your chest, to your stupid face, causing you to react and act stupid. smiling, and kicking stones, maybe even twirling a little bit like how they did in movies.

and that's when you know, you have found your home.