Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Atas permintaan 2 orang kawan.

Deleting my older posts. Did you get it?I'm deleting my past. My grunge, my bad, my best and so forth.Having them in my life, is not good. Maybe good for the sake of experience and yadda yadda but, for me, past and memories are the worst thing I have to deal with.But hey, it just my small, unimportant opinion.Yes, you may object.

Imagine, something superduper embarassing just happen to you. Say, you flashed your panties when you stumbled upon rock in front of the hottest guys. Do you sit then, staring blue romantic sky and say, "Wow. That was a beautiful moment. He, me, rock and...my cute pink panties." No right? You'll be like, "AAARGHH! KILL ME NOW! I NEED ROPE! I WILL HANG MYSELF! PINK???!!! ARGHHHHH." And all you want to do afterward is to forget. You wish that when you wake up, you'll forget about it. Yes right?

I was, still am actually, amazed with people who can trip and fall in front of other people and act like nothing happen. They are amaaaaaaaazing! If it was me, I'll be either laughing my ass off or (Sorry I put scandalous gambar of johnny weir) rolling on the floor laughing which actually mean the same thing. But honestly, they have the most thickest face ever! And I love to learn few way to kick ass like that.

I have a friend. Or so I thought. That will serve me nothing but honesty to out friendship. But shocking, shocking, she's also one of 'the girls'. You know, the type of girls who appear to be so freaking nice with you, she spread stories about you, backstabbing you without you realizing it and yet still appear all 'biff' with you. She's a liar who appear to look as honest as the day is long. Who in this world need that kind of friend, friend? And, no one need that memory either.

And few other unimportant stuff.So, deleting my post resemble this : me, forgetting the past by deleting my posts, moving on to future by posting more.

Tata, So long my sexy kawan!


I'm sorry I typed soh-long here. I was overwhelmed with the fact I HAVE READERS! ehem. Excuse me. And I need new layout like, NOW!