Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Like giving a donkey strawberries.

one is never enough, two is just nice.

That is just so, so opposing me now. I feel so grateful towards a lot of thing. My room, my shoes, my dress, my specks, my watches, my school, my hunger, my blues, my happiness, my family, my other family, my friends, my bestie, my computer screen size.

I love chasing my dreams yeah sure, but when I have it with me, I'll let it go. I'll abandon them. Why? Because I dont deserve it. I know the fact that people are getting tired of reading about low boost blah blah, but that is it. The.Real.Deal. I dont deserve that much happiness. Everyone deserve happiness, but not as much as I have now. I cant be greedy and too happy or karma will be jealous. I have to let it go, and find something new to chase. And, I hope, its Chace Crawford. (Although, I dont really like him.. I just need rhymed name.hehe)

Or when my life become too routine-based, I'll lost my interest in it. So if only my life is actually a movie and I'm the director, god I'll make sure I have all possible genre in my life probably something like this (or not) :
this mixed with here and a little bit of this movie. Gosh, now that way, everyone will drool over my oh perfect life then. Or living in spoof movie. That will be very interesting!

So long my ugly kawan.
I'm not sure if all of this are related or not, but I'm random, woohoo!