Sunday, November 14, 2010

I wish it was real. Too bad it was just a game.

i'm so thirsty. i wish my saliva is the mineral water i craved for. nothing too fancy. just a simple mineral water. i dont need goddamit-so-sexy fresh orange nor do i need deliciously funny chocolate shake, all i need now is mineral water.

simple, nothing too extravagant, just a cheap mineral water.
because i dont care about looks just like i dont when it comes to the brand.
because looks will fade from times to times. the fresh orange juice will no longer be fresh,it'll stink and chocolate shake will also smell terrible after a few days. but my mineral water, will stay fresh and always ready to quench my thirst. and brand? pfftt. if i pick cheaper brand A, it'll taste the same as expensive brand B. because mineral water is a mineral water. so, i could care less about brand.

listen to me now, all i need is mineral water.
just give me the mineral water i need. dont you change it to other drinks. just be you. i mean, ehem. just be mineral water. dont be frappucino, dont be nescafe, dont be orange juice, and please dont be chocolate shake. because you sound as if you're trying so hard, its not even funny. you shouldnt. because you are fine as mineral water. and i love the old,simple mineral water.

you once said, love can change a person.
but please dont go change yourself. :(