Tuesday, November 2, 2010

this is the truth you'd hate to eat

it was just a play. i was desperate.

man, you cant blame me. peer pressure around me was mountain high,
liking you seems to be my obligation, but sadly this play slowly turns into reality.


even after 3 years. you still manage to make my heart thumped so hard i thought i got minor heart attack.

so what if i lie? i want to survive too. you have no idea what i had to go trough, just to make sure this play is a success. at least until i finish my high school.

you can judge. i could care less.
shocked? yeap. i can be a bitch too. life is.

so what if i chickened out?
its hard once you got involved. but you didnt.
i do.


thats why i like random people.
because it'll be easier to let em' go then.

or so i thought.