Monday, November 1, 2010

sappy, GO!

I was in my room. Accompanied by the sound of love of him, singing in my dream. And guess who woke me up?
A phone call from the same guy, in my dream.
"I'm waiting. Go outside."

I sprang from my bed, straight to toilet then I changed shorts to long skirt, top with cardigan, and shawl. I leaped 3 step of stairs at once, tigress spirit was in me! I kissed my mum, took my flats and ran outside.

There, he stood. Proudly beside his old car. With his arms crossed. My knight, my superhero, my man, my lady, my girl, okay I should stop.

"I missed you."
"I know. *BIG SMILE*"

And others, are just another sweet memories of a couple, beach, and laughters.
Pssst, you dont have to tell me. ;)