Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The List.

Dulu, before SPM, i have a list of what i want to do AFTER SPM. I want to have driving license, I want to sew my own dress, I want to be a good photographer, I want to hangout all the time.....(the list goes on and on).

But then, sadly, I dont have time to do it since i have to attend PLKN. It sucks at first. Then, after quite some times, I rather like it. Living with kera, friends of all sorts, teachers and the activities? I like it so far. Except for berkawad. yeck.

I told myself, thats okay, you still have time AFTER PLKN. Take your time. You have all the time in the world. So I was calmed down by my own pity self.


I read my friends blog, THEY DID ALL THE THINGS I WISH TO DO! Most of them, they're driving legally, they hangout most of the time, they took very very good pictures nowadays, they work to specifically earn money not just for fun, and one of them even sew her own dress! My god!

I'm jealous. Yes I'm that kind of type. I'm easily jealous. Jot it down in Sher section.

I like PLKN now, I dont really wish to end it asap, but I really want to cross out at least ONE or two things in my list. sigh. But..I know I cant. I dont have the time, yet.

So I guess, in meantime, i have to enjoy my life living with kera(s), hidup tepi lake sangat connecting dengan mothernature. :)