Sunday, March 27, 2011

nasib ade mikael. :)

girl it really that weird?
i've been dreaming (in day time,haha) about her so many times i'm confused with my orientation HAHA kidding.

did you ever had a crush on someone who you barely know? crush last only for 2 months la. come on. and to answer my own question (yes i tak malu so what?!), yes i did. once. or maybe twice. or thrice. or fries. haha. get my jokes? come on admit it! it was brilliant.

so cut my brilliant comedic act, fyi its rare for me to like someone as much as i liked her. if i was not mistaken, i first saw her during morning assembly. her smile caught me. :)

when i saw her i thought, "wow..she's beautiful." god i swear she's the most beautiful girl i've ever seen.she was young (by 2 years), fresh. she reminds me of lemon, zass. she has a pair beautiful twinkling, dark chocolates eyes that caught my breath every time she looked at me (accidentally).simply delicious. her eyebrows, god her perfect eyebrows arches is among the beautiful features god created on her face.

she has high cheekbones that shines whenever she smiles. Oh her smile..that sweet sweet smiles. that angelic smile was the reason i fall in love with her. Her cute pug nose and cute lips..dont let me start on her lips. her soft pink lips give me shivers every time i looked at it. they're so cute and full i just want to kiss her all day long. i mean, i used to want to kiss her not real kiss just a peck on lips alah u got my point lah kan.

*i saw that yucky expression on your face! mind your manners youngster.*

then, her ebony hair flowed in waves to adorn her glowing peach skin. her skin! damn, she has the softest, clear skin i've ever seen. say she's an art, i would call her 'the masterpiece' because she pictures a perfection. had she smile, the world would sigh in contentment. had she laughed, the world would laugh along. had she ever cried, the world..wait, i dont want her to be sad, ever.

now stop.. okay stop freaking out!
i'm no les. i'm straight as an arrow, as pole, i ingat Allah tau. :)

alaha kejap je suke die ni.
i like her beautiful features je.
pastu i admire her beauty la. her inside out beauty ya naw? thats, the most beautiful thing one can ever have. :)

dont freak out.
bace girls magz. they usually say that this kind of thing is just a phase. and she was one my phase. the best phase of all phases. hehe.