Saturday, April 30, 2011

Its my Treat guys. Eat all you want. And die of chocking.

Assalamuaalaikum and peace y'all.
Its been a while yes? Since my last post. Well, to all my imaginary readers out there, I am deeply sorry for abandoning this blog for so long.

Reason : my life has been flat, as flat as Kate Moss's chest. No surprises. No fun. No laughter. Well, adalah sikit2 but it wasn't as adventurous as it used to be when I was studying in high school or stuck in ns. Now I am just another flat, boring, and pastel teenager with no motivation whatsoever to move my life forward (a whole different story).

Well, that is until..

A 'friend' of mine, lets call him X (wah macam kes Anwar pulak. X Y Z gitu ==) who I really enjoy his company, send me this message :

"Sher, cowi k cyer x bly nk cmmit dgn wk. cy x ready lagi. tp i rlly njoy kwn dgn awk. hope kte stay fwens."


I was so shocked the first word that came out from my mouth was : babi.
then followed by my reaction : "BABI WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY? HAHAHAHA. EH SIAL KOT HAHAHAHAHA.." This is the clean version of course.

I went perplexed. Frankly, I was flabbergasted and ALMOST lost my words. But hey, will Sher Suhaimi ever lost her words? Never heh t(-.-t) -> Amsyar ajar.

No offense, he sure got looks, money and brain of a genius (ramai tanya, he got straight As) but seriously?! Plus I kinda sedar diri I'm not up to hot or cute or sweet or cun 'girl standard'. But thats not the point. The point is, I didn't even like him on first place and I got dumped?! Oh my, sumpah aku rasa sadis gila do.

This, incident, this event, make me wonders. A lot. At some point, I honestly feel Wonder Woman was scared I took over her title because I've been wondering about this too much, literally TOO much. I hardly sleep after this unexpected, sadist, and embarrassing rejection.

Was it the way I treated him?
Was my eyes twinkles? you know like in love kind of eyes.
Was it the way I acted around him?
What in the world I did to him that leave THAT embarrassing assumptions that I ever liked him?

These questions just ran and circled my thoughts every nights and days.

I'm sorry if you think I'm turning this small misunderstanding into such a big deal. But guys, I was REJECTED sadistically and oh so busteng-ly, by someone who I DOESN'T EVEN LIKE on the very first place.

Imagine the horror.
The nightmare.
This social incident will scarred my memory and pride forever. oh malunya.
(okay maybe I stretched it a little bit too far hehe)

So, after a long time of thinking and wondering and acting like social behavior researcher, I found one hypothesis which the validity is only 60-40. 60 being true.

I treat men and women too equally.

And I realized I forgot the fact that we're growing up and that we're no longer five. We're not just a bunch of kids who peck each other on the cheeks to say goodbyes with oh so innocently without any worries (maybe just cooties hehe).

Not that I kiss boys or whatever on their cheeck when I was a lil kid, heck I know my boundary. I know I'm a bitch and not so angelic like others but hey, my parents did their jobs very well tau.

I know la I sounded a little too oh-so-lelaki-minat-kau-sorang-kecoh but thats the truth. And thanks to the way I treat him and probably most guys, they catch wrong vibes from me.

Tapi, its rather funny lah sebab dekat ns memang X kena cop 'berasa hot'. Bodoh gila ingat Sher suka dia hahahahaha.

I was being caring la.
Someone already caught my attention. And its definitely not you and your busteng style of message lah brotha. Plus, how can someone in our age doesn't know Michael Jackson-Heal The World?! That was an insult by the way. Y(-.-Y) --> ini tanda peace tau Amsyar.


p/s: somebody pointed out to me that I've never say salam or greet, so there you have it. THANKS A LOT :)