Monday, November 14, 2011

to faux family,


Read me, clear.
I don't need you to understand me and my life. anymore. I'm not even joking now.

You used to be my priority. The most important thing in my life. When we separated from each other,I honestly felt like dying, my world felt like it was the end of a very good movie. Very horrible.

But,that was back then.

Now, my family is everything. Those glorious time of my teenage years to hang out in the mall reached its maximum limit. I don't do that anymore. That's because, no matter how annoying they are to me, no matter how hurtful our fights can be, they're the only one who I can run and cry to. Not you.

And I love to stay in my room, enjoying my time alone. Because its very hard to have time like that, alone, back in my college. So I don't mind not being able to hang out with you anymore. And yes, I'm loving my boring, grey, dull life. I'm enjoying every bit of it. So I don't care. Really I don't. You can say whatever, call me names, whatever. I don't care.

No. I don't hate you. But, time with my family, and time for myself, I like it better. I've grown you know. All of our fights, our dramas, I've grown from that. So thank you, because of you, I've learned.You can talk. You can screamed your lungs saying I've changed over and over again.I've grown. And your game is too childish for my liking.

However,I will always love you, our memories together was priceless and our time together were the best highlight in my life. I have to admit though. A small portion in me do wish you can understand me. I'm sorry for being too mean. I just can't keep on satisfying you heart and hurt mine in turn to make you feel good. That's wrong. Just remember, you're always in my thoughts, my heart.