Tuesday, November 8, 2011



WOW! Its been ancient since my last 'proper' post isn't it? (last post doesn't count that post was not proper enough haha) I'm sorry but I was busy with Mr.Time. He wouldn't let go of me. Clinging around me as if I dont have anything else to do. And Mr.Time keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps on running away from me. Sorry I was busy playing catch up with him.

My college life for this semester was okay. Normal things nothing shocking happens, maybe a little bucket of tears and worry-sick in between, which is still considered to be normal. So I guess my college life is fine. Nothing amazing to share with.

And that's also means, I've been leading a pretty normal life. Not that my life was extraordinary before this but you know.. So far, I haven't found the love of my life yet, my grades are on the line of average, I have a lot of friends, made no enemies at all so far. So yeap. I am probably the most boring girl ever alive going through her college life.

Friends? My friends are normal. Oh, I found something to tell. Anyway, over there, people, girls mostly are very normal. They're not girlish or bitchy. They're normal. Their life basically revolve around books. So, since thats SO NOT me, I sort of adjusted myself to be in the crowd and I've been friend-ing with a Terengganu girl named Hanan. Sooooooo, when I met the girl, my girl, The Inner Terengganu inside of me POPPED OUT BROTHA!

I rarely speak there because their eyes will popped out like its alien language or something. But when I speak in Terengganu slang, people seems to understand me better.

Well, I've speak 'orang-luar' to be accepted in Kuantan, so speaking my mothertongue wouldn't be a problem for me there. :)


Okay, enough ranting for now.
I gotta go tidy up my bed a little bit for Kia.
SLEEEPOVER BABYY! Ahaa! Maybe that's going to be my next post.
SEE YAA! *Wave enthusiastically*