Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eh peduli lah lambat 24 hari pun.

Its 2012. Two O One Two.
One more year before I will turn into ancient age. The BAD Twentieth.

Will I miss 2011? Yes.
Very much. Because there's a lot of things that happened last year. A lot. I graduated from high school, went to PLKN and now I'm studying in Matriculation College. Its a very emotionally challenging year for me. But I guess, from those emotions, I've learnt. And to tell you the truth, I've learnt pretty hell a lot last year about life.

On high school.
There's a few moments there I would never want to forget. Here some :

Nabila and Kia. We went out three-gather recently. It was a very quick meeting. But in that short time, many things happened. And for everything we've talked about, we've laughed at, and cried to, you guys are the best kind of friends one can ever get in their life. We've talked only about us, we give no shit about others, we walked and laughed like we owned the place, thank you very much. For the memories. I miss you guys already.

I looked up to these girls more than anything else alive. They're the best kind of friends you can imagine having. Very understanding, very loving and funny. I can't remember having even one fight with them. All I can remember are good laughs and good tears. Sayang and B, I'm ashamed to tell you that I'm sorry I can't keep up with you guys. I'm sorry I can't be one of the intellectual friends you guys would want to have. But I'm not sorry to have you guys as my close friends. You guys are the drivers (Yes two driver) for my motivation vehicle. Every day, every time. Thank you for being very good, in every aspect. You guys are my inspirations to not giving up in what I'm doing. Thank you. I love you guys more than anything.

We should meet more often!

Nana, Sher and Kia. Three Mask-Ketier.

I've reconcile with Asraf Zalam, my ex when I was 14 and I love him more than anything now. Not in sense of girfriend-boyfriend relationship. No. Our relationship exceed that. I looked up to him, more than just a friend, more than just a lover. He's a family to me that I hold dearly in my heart(ayat geli gila la haha). He's there whenever I need him. He's the shoulder I cried to whenever I feel like crying. And he's the ears that listen to all my bitch. Thank you Asraf. Ko memang kawan yang baik. Aku doakan ko jumpa orang yang baik-baik. :)

Itu dia..Hot nya lah orang kete takde atap ni. Anyone? Nak? Call 1-800-gay-00

Amir Asyraf. Uih. The guy who went for amazing make over. We spend time together almost all the time and the only time we're not together was when we're asleep. We Skyped, YM-ed, Facebook-ed, called, texted each other..and a lot other bunch thing we did together were among the best thing I've ever done in my whole 18 years old life. We are best friend that spent time more than any lovers would. So, thank you Amir for making my life so colourful and full with ups and down emotions. Know that I'm very proud of you and I hope you'll have great 2012!

Tengku Amsyar. Last year he wasn't as Korean Fanatic as he is now. Regardless, He's the one yang teman me when I can't sleep (sebab dia tak tidur damned this guy and his weird sleeping time). Thanks for being so weird. Last year punya a must with him : " What are your top ....." and explain why she's better than her why her's bigger than her's and other stuff. HA! We used to exchange music videos until he got hooked with K-Pop. K-Pop is a big no-no for me, so the rate of bartering reduced abruptly haha.

Faiz. If it wasn't because of someone else, I dont think kita contact pun. haha. Tapi last year takda apa2 sangat except for occasional phone calls between us. This guy is the kind of friend you call when you're bored and lack of ideas. Haha. Yes. Bila tak ada idea, call dia. you will be flooded with crazy ideas. A very good listener to my merepek rambling. AH! Thanks for sharing with me about anything we shared about lah. Your college and stuff. Thanks Faiz. :)

The A,F and A.

So now, we're going without pictures anymore. Because I'm too lazy and I've been keeping this post since December 2011. Nanti expired lah this post kalau asyik procrastinate.

1. Family. Mummy and Walid. Along, Angah, Ateh, Alang, Baby and Adik. Purie,Meh,Ya, Ney,Lyn, Ja,And whoever else, you guys turned my high school year into a very very fun year. We hardly spend time together outside, but the time we spend together inside the school was irreplaceable and I WOULD LOVE TO THANK EVERY SINGLE ORGANISMS THAT INVOLVED IN THIS FAMILY DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FOR MAKING ME SO HAPPY TO GO TO SCHOOL. Fazrin, that means, you too. You’re like uncle or something to us. Thanks Fazreng. I LOVE YOU GUYS. BIG VIRTUAL HUGS!

2. Photography Club. HAHAHAHA. The greatest excuse invented in whole wide world to skip classes, legit-ly. Buat pengumuman. Berebut with Puriee masa tu. Haha. Good times. Good times.

3. Tuitions. Both Teacher Hashimah's and Teacher Lau's. Both equally awesome. Teacher Lau ada gosip gosip, kelakar kelakar. Teacher Hashimah ada gosip gosip (among us) and "Proceed." Both of these awesome Additional Mathematics Teacher balanced me. And to get B+ for my SPM is a wonder. THANK YOU SO MUCH TEACHERS! muah!

4. 5 Science Cemerlang. Ya Allah. Kelas ni, hahaha. Kelakar. Senyap. Tapi bising. Senyap tapi selalu hang out sama2. Senyap tapi best. Senyap tapi ada gaduh kan Amar? Kan Shamira? haha. Best. And our Teacher Kong Lai Yin. Every month, support RM 50. Beli cakes. Thank you so much. BEST GILA KOT TIAP TIAP BULAN MAKAN CAKE SECRET RECIPE. AWEEEEESOME NYA HIDUP. Buka puasa sama2!! Definitely big highlight.

5. The Spring Zing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. Matured me up lah this crazy prom night. Taught me to never wear make up. Next time you pay rm 55, eat all the foods. IGNORE THE ADRENALINE RUSH. Never hold hands with orang lain punya possible boyfriend. Kalau buat mistake, semua kena tanggung, always stand up for your friend walaupun dia tak mintak. And most importantly, I've learnt trust. To not listen to others, bitch talks, but trust each other. Thank you everyone for teaching me these valuable lessons.

And that’s on my high school. I think. That’s all. Kot. Sorry if I didn’t mention anything important, my bad. I just forgot to remember kot? Haha. Have fun. Assalamuaalaikum.