Monday, January 28, 2013


Have you ever been in a position where you knew and you were confident that you were right. You've stand on your points and you spread your points to everyone that matters, telling this point of yours is right, while not fully rejecting others point unwillingly, all for the sake of social standards.

So while you were there, you keep on believe in yourself, in your point, on your stand.
You believe that you were right full-heartedly.

Until you saw an old video of you and them, together in peace. And truth knocked yourself on the head, that you were the bitch of that relationship. You were the one who needed lessons, not them. You were the one who they had to be patience to and you were the the one who wrecked the relationship. Not them.

And now you're succumbing to sadness.
You're on the verge of letting the world swallow and engulf you into the New World of Embarrassment.

You should've listen to your Grandmum, kid.
"Jangang pernoh sekali bangge diri, kekgi diri makang diri."
Never be proud of yourself, you'll be your own enemy.

Lesson : Always listen to the elders. And, never be so confident in yourself, because everything is better when they're just average.