Saturday, February 2, 2013


okay here's a thing, maybe two. this post has no contents at all, not that my older posts got one, and I don't really gave any forks on the grammar, so expect some ape ni orang kata, macam, tak constant? ha. kejam I'm, kejap nanti I am. But then, my blog is not an "Let learn English" blog so I DONT GIVEEEE AAAAAA FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUture. 

I'm 20. Not officially, but I am, lawfully 20 years old.

But I don't feel like 20 years old and I'm not acting like one either. The thing is, everyone is talking about coming of the age craps and how I need to act my age and shits like that, that frankly speaking, are starting to annoy me.

I will not act my age.
Wooooo...stupid statement? Well, because age is clearly just a statement of how long you've been living in this world. But it does not show or determine how one should live their life. Here's the thing. Just because I'm almost adult right now, that does not mean I will act like one all the freaking time. But that does not mean that I will act like a 5 years old either. My actions are based on my surrounding and the people I'm with. If I feel comfortable enough with you, well expect some lunacy from me, that's the normal me. And it should be an honour, not something to be embarrassed about if I did or ever told something stupid or too discreet to you. Of course, if you found this annoying or are deeply affected by it, then, I don't mind. You're welcome to not hang around me anymore. I won't mind or get affected by it, I promise.

Now, because I, obviously, don't care.
So please people, stop asking.

When I'm 60, (if I can make it that far), done with life, established good relationship with everyone and shits like that, I will not just going to sit around lounging in my house, read novels, and be a boring grandmother (if I ever got married lah) not doing anything. I will make sure to do some fun activities with my family. Okay, assuming my family is a busy type of family who will spend our time together on holidays or weekends, then I will write a cookbook or a book on my over the past 60 years love life and my scandals, or I'm going to stay in nursing home, chilling, gosipping with my friends over there.

Wait. Hold on for a moment.

I did that. I'm doing that! Those thing I've mentioned : lounging in my house not doing anything but chores, read novels, be boring are practically my current holiday routine. Haaaaaaa. See? When I'm on holiday, out of my formal routine, instead of acting like a teens on hormone rage, like I should have, I will act like a grandmother. Boring grandmother. Of course you can say, "You should enjoy your young life. Go celebrate you fool!"

Now this is entirely different topic.
The way people can feel happy and contented are different. Some people are happy when they get to sit around and talk with their friends while others enjoy their moments alone. God has created each one of use unique and different. That's why our surrounding is amazingly beautiful with all of this diversity among us. That's why, there's white and black and there's grey in the middle of it. That's why there's acid and alkaline and neutral pH on the litmus paper. Life is not just about ying and yang, it isn't as simple as black and white. Its more than that. We have so many intermediates that most of people simply brush out (and some even condemn) because they're not majorly accepted or how it is 'not normal' in society. That is stupid.

Life is all about choices. And there's a lot of choices you can choose. And what I'm writing right now has a very weak correlations with one another, but I don't know, I'm letting the words. I think I'm in love with the sound of clicking of this keyboard. akjdhfshfsakdhfsidwajre. You guys should really hear it. I feel very professional typing this 2006 keyboard.

Sorry, I have always had a busy mind.

So society, and people around me, now tell me.
How would you describe me now?