Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Can someone with enough money marry me now?......this is the stupidest title i've ever chose. ever. period.


i mean, yang fits me accordingly, susoh wei. i'm not too fussy, just enough to make sure my whereabout is safe and easy and comfortable. is it too much to ask for?

am i being a brat for asking for safety and easiness?
am i being ungrateful bitch because i care about my other friends who have this holy willingness and actually intend to stay together with me?
am i digging my own stress grave when i refused to live above the most busy restaurant, albeit the place was a spit away from my faculty, and have every facilities i would've need?




i have less than 5 days to find a shelter. not just for me, but also for my other 3 friends. a shelter where it would be reasonable enough for me to call a home for the next 5 months (maybe up to 2 years if its a nice place). just fml because i might end up staying above the most busy restaurant in section 7 after all. just my rotten luck, which is, of course, not so much of a shocking plot eh? this house venture story's ending probably sucks, just like twilight's. fml. i am such a whiny and bitchy and to top it off, a failure producer of one epicly sucks house venture life action movie.

and despite all the odds, i would love to thank the Director to make this all happens. no, no. no sarcasm. at least now, i feel so freakingly rich with emotions(since its holiday, i guess a little bit emotions around me is very much appreciated) and i found real friends, and most of all, i found tony bennett and the carpenters again. heaven, that's a lot to thanked for. so, thank you Allah. Alhamdullilah for this.

despite being ridiculously anti-climatic shocking typical bullshit, which i, to be honest, DONT think as a bullshit, because this is what i've been thinking all along, but eleh, i know you guys will found this moronly typical and something i shouldn't say out loud, hell, i'm with you man on that about this (of which i'm about to say), i don't think i need to say this out loud, but i dont know, me being usual me, conflicting with myself, i will just going to say this. brace yourself or just simply skip this.

i know Allah is giving me chances to grow emotionally stronger and mature, thus producing a wiser me in the future. i know that's the hidden gift for me. so i guess, this gift from Allah is very meaningful in His own way. Its like all those mysteries wrapped in cow dung. you know like you looked at cow dung and feel all disgusted and by it, when in fact they have a lot of uses. take for instances; mosquitoes repellent (we all know why) and most importantly and yet again anti-climatically, cow dung is famous for breeding Dons of bacteria and gangs of fungus, which I believe most of you know, that they're the bottom of food chain, so, we pretty much what our future will look like without it right?

and i'm not bullingsheeshing you on this! i've wiki-ed this statement. so whatever counter you've come up with is invalid. because i've wiki-ed it. i've win because my source is very, extremely, reliable.

so yes, to be honest, i am indeed grateful for this, no matter how pissed and tired i actually am with these emotional rides. haaa ....lemme enlighten you what kind of emotional ride i've been having : the bipolar ones. every morning is a motherfathering is a firetrucking surprise for me.

on one beautiful morning : "hey, we found extra 5 housemate for you! yeay!" -->firetrucking relieved.

but eh, not for long sir.

next morunful morning : "sorry sher, we (the 5) found new house.sorry."-->motherfiretruckingly pissed at myself and frustrated.

all the same happened to The 3, The 4, and The 'new' 5.
yeah like your sorry ass can get me new 3,4,5 assess in line to stay with me.
and i shouldn't even be mad at them, of which i am not. i'm just stress. dont trust my words now.

it just that.....
i have 3 tails along with me you know? i just want to make sure we get the best offer we can get in town, okay maybe not the best, just enough good offer for us. because it is sort of my fault dragging them into this dipshit along with me.

so it has become 'sort-of' my responsibility. and the hell i will not let them stay at that place, most busiest place. no.

not even when i have no other option.

in this 5 days, i'll break my sweat, grow moustache and beard if that's what it takes to find a good house to shelter in.